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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Halo goodbye

PC and Mac versions of Halo remain in limbo

Over the last six months Halo has practically single-handedly sold the Xbox, particularly in the USA, with over 80% of Xbox owners buying a copy of the game. It's no great surprise then that Bungie have been awful quiet about the long promised PC and Macintosh versions of the game since the Xbox's launch. So what's the story - is the game ever going to make it on to the beige and translucent boxes, or is it being confined to the Xbox? "We do see it happening, but when it is happening is still up in the air" is about as close to a firm answer as Microsoft PR bod Chris DiCesar came in an expert display of question dodging with Shacknews writer Jason Bergman at E3. Apparently PC and Mac versions are still "on the board" but not in development as yet. "We do have the whole team there, but they are obviously occupied with a major title for the console, a platform driver... They are really focused around that but still look at supporting the PC and/or Mac." In other words, don't get your hopes up. Related Feature - Halo review

Source - Shacknews (thanks Moonbender)