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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Xbox gets Serious

Now with secret "drop Xbox from great height" power-up

Take 2 have confirmed that "Serious" Sam Stone is on his way to the Xbox. One of the most frenetic, funny and downright entertaining first person shooters of recent years, if hardly the most intelligent, Serious Sam is perhaps a perfect match for console gaming. Rather than simply rehashing the first two episodes of the PC series for a console audience though, the Xbox version of the game will instead take Sam to an all-new cyberpunk world to battle it out against hordes of bizarre looking aliens and crack corny one liners. Xbox Live online multiplayer support will also be included, which could prove to be a blast. Certainly Take 2 are confident they have a hit on their hands. "We think our partners at Croteam have outdone themselves on the newest version", Take 2 CEO Kelly Sumner declared. "Console gamers will be blown away by Serious Sam on the Xbox." Sam should be blasting aliens on the Xbox before the end of the year. Related Feature - Serious Sam : Second Encounter review

Source - press release