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Black Isle gets Lionheart

Fallout meets Arcanum?

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Black Isle Studios have unveiled their latest role-playing epic - Lionheart, due for release on the PC this winter. Developed by Reflexive, the brains behind the entertaining isometric action-adventure game Zax : The Alien Hunter, Lionheart is set during the Renaissance in a dismal world where magic mingles with the kind of bizarre machinery envisioned by Leonardo da Vinci. Expect lots of downtrodden peasants and evil Machiavellian overlords then. The whole game is based around Fallout's flexible "SPECIAL" character development system, which will allow players to improve their heroes' skills in combat and magic without the limitations of set classes as they work their way through the game's quests and storyline. Multiplayer support for up to four players to work alongside each other will also be included, which should help add to the replay value. Lionheart certainly looks like being one of the more imaginative role-playing games on the horizon, and with any luck it could mark a welcome change from the neverending succession of Dungeons & Dragons games that have issued forth from Black Isle in recent years. Expect to hear much more about this one in the weeks to come... Related Feature - Zax review

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