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Acclaim confirms Burnout 2

Obviously not burnt out, then

The original Burnout was met with a mixture of critical acclaim and rampant rejection. We really liked it, and continue to like the new Xbox and Cube versions of the game. Yes, technically it was just a RenderWare demo. No, that doesn't bother us in the slightest. What is something like Quake if it isn't a technology demo? The games are no less great. Burnout 2: Point of Impact threatens to pick up where its predecessor left off with about four times the content. The sequel, due out at Christmas on all the console formats (which we guess means PS2, Cube and Xbox), has been inspired by the likes of the grudgingly iconic Speed (and not its diabolical sequel), Bad Boys (a film which had a nice-looking lass and Will Smith in it if I remember correctly) and The Fast And The Furious (a homoerotic racing film). Some of the 32 stages in the new game will include Los Angeles, the Rocky Mountains (is that a real place? I'm sure most mountains have rocks), New Mexico and a busy airport. Sounds cool. As with the original the idea will be to throw as much speed into your driving as possible using one of the fourteen vehicles at your disposal (with seven more to unlock). This time out we're promised all sorts of weather effects and a few extra gameplay modes including pursuit races played as a police car, and various other upgrades including a new soundtrack. Related Feature - Burnout review

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