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War Against Terrorism on the PC

Novalogic announces Land Warrior mission pack based on the current conflict in Afghanistan...

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Novalogic has set out its stall at E3 with two big game announcements. The critically acclaimed Delta Force Land Warrior is to receive an update in the shape of the freshly announced standalone mission pack, Task Force Dagger. TFD is being co-developed by Zombie Studios and will use an updated version of the Land Warrior engine, set in Afghanistan and focusing on the missions from Operation Enduring Freedom. This will presumably go down well in the current socio-political atmosphere across the pond. Missions will take place deep in enemy territory, with actual Taleban soldiers to take out (unlike the real-life offensive by the sound of it) and consist of raids on rebel headquarters, taking control of a local airport, ambushing enemy convoys and destroying key SAM and SCUD installations. 25 missions total make up the game and there will be a choice of ten different Special Forces operatives, 30 weapons to choose from and other staples of Delta Force series. Although clouded by moral implications which we will decline to comment on here, Task Force Dagger is due out during this quarter on the PC.

Source - press release

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