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Ecks vs Sever 2

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The movie on which Ecks vs Sever was based still hasn't been released, but already a sequel to the GBA action game is on the way. Imaginatively titled Ecks vs Sever 2, the game will feature 24 brand new single player missions for former FBI agent Ecks and rogue NSA agent Sever, as well as a range of new doohickeys to collect, including homing missiles, spy cameras and aqualungs. There will be more interaction with in-game characters (beyond shooting them) and bigger areas to explore, including our first glimpse of the open sky, and perhaps most importantly Bam are promising better AI this time round. In keeping with the gaming industry's current fascination with terrorism, the sequel will see Ecks and Sever tracking down terrorist cells and "sleeper groups" that have infiltrated various countries. Throw in the threat of a Russian nuclear device that has been missing since the end of the Cold War and things are sure to go off with a bang. Expect Ecks vs Sever 2 to blast its way on to shelves across Europe this autumn. If they're lucky the much delayed movie might actually be out by then... Related Feature - Ecks vs Sever 2 screenshots

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