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LucasArts goes Full Throttle

Adventure game sequel heading to PC and consoles

LucasArts have just confirmed one of the worst kept secrets in the gaming industry - they are indeed working on a sequel to their popular adventure game Full Throttle. Details on the sequel are thin on the ground at the moment, but we do know that it will be released on PC and next generation consoles some time next year, and that it will once again star the outlaw biker known as .. Ben. Catchy. "Full Throttle is one of LucasArts' greatest and most beloved original games", according to president Simon Jeffery. Well, apart from Sam & Max and Day Of The Tentacle perhaps. Oh, and Monkey Island. And Grim Fandango. And... "We can't think of a better brand or character to lead LucasArts' charge into a new era of original game development. Ben so perfectly symbolizes our legacy and yet has just the right mix of attitude and edge to appeal to a new generation of game players." Yes, nothing like an edgy attitude-packed sequel to lead the charge into a new era of original game development. Ho hum. Related Feature - LucasArts' E3 line-up touted

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