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IL-2 takes to the skies again

Flight sim add-on due to land this autumn

IL-2 Sturmovik, modestly described by its developers' parent company as the biggest thing to come out of Russia since Tetris, has spawned an add-on pack. Dubbed The Forgotten Battles, it will add new campaigns, planes, missions, buildings and terrain to the award winning World War II Soviet flight sim. Highlights include new maps representing the Hungarian and Finnish fronts, with one campaign, five multiplayer and ten single player missions for each. Also on the shopping list are several more planes to fly, including the British Hurricane and new variants of the Bf-109 and Stuka, and more AI planes to shoot down, such as the Bristol Blenheim, Fiat G-50 and IL-4. "Since release, we have received many requests from fans for an official expansion pack", according to executive producer Carl Norman. "Thus, Oleg Maddox and his team at 1C are responding with another top quality product in the add-on pack." The pack should be flying off shelves some time this autumn.

Source - press release