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Long read: The beauty and drama of video games and their clouds

"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Ferraro Claws Xbox

Includes USB mouse support for console

Although we got along very well with Halo using the standard Xbox joypad, most hardcore first person shooter fans will tell you that there's no real substitute for a mouse and keyboard. Enter the Claw from Australia's Ferraro Design. As well as providing a similar moulded plastic grip to the PC version of the Claw, with an array of buttons lurking under each finger to replace those of the joypad, the forthcoming Xbox version also includes a standard USB connector to allow you to attach a rodent to your console. "Many PC gamers have expressed a desire to play Halo with a mouse plus keyboard style set-up", according to Jason Ferraro. "Our Claw and mouse solution provides an intuitive controller set-up for those less familiar with the standard dual analogue console game pad." While we weren't the world's biggest fans of the original PC Claw, a new improved version has been released since we first reviewed it, and if nothing else the Xbox version will no doubt come in handy for those of you who just can't live without your mouse. Expect more details after E3. Related Feature - Claw review

The appropriately named Claw'

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