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Tony Homer's Pro Skater?

Simpsons invade another genre

Fresh from their success in ripping off Crazy Taxi for Simpsons Road Rage, EA have announced Simpsons Skateboarding. As the title suggests, this time they're getting into Tony Hawk territory, with popular characters ranging from Bart and Otto to Krusty The Clown, Professor Frink and even the normally sofa-bound Homer getting in on the act. Each character has its own unique special moves, tricks, personality and dialogue, which will hopefully be less repetitive than that found in Road Rage. As you would expect there's also a selection of classic Simpsons settings for your chosen miscreant to skateboard around, from the Kwik-E-Mart and Springfield Elementary to the power plant and the Springfield Gorge, with success in the game's five modes unlocking additional levels, characters and boards. This latest imagination-free monument to the power of the license will be available on PS2 this summer. Related Feature - Simpsons Skateboarding screenshots

Source - press release