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Lara Croft comes alive

Will the real Lara please stand up

Lara Croft will be making her public debut at E3, according to a rather bizarre press release from Tomb Raider publisher Eidos. Not the new model Jill de Jong, mind you, but the .. ahem .. real Lara Croft, a 5' 9" brunette from Wimbledon who's favourite hobbies include pilfering ancient artifacts from tombs, riding motorbikes, wearing skimpy costumes and swanning around the world in search of adventure. Ms Croft will apparently be putting in a personal appearance on the show floor to chat with journalists to promote her new game, Angel of Darkness. "For years we have wanted to introduce the real Lara Croft to the world", Eidos marketing VP Paul Baldwin announced, a suspicious white powder clearly visible emanating from his nostrils and a wild look in his eyes as we backed nervously towards the door. "We are thrilled that we could finally convince her to take some well deserved time off to meet her fans. The chronicles of her adventures have really struck a chord with gamers around the world and we think they will be overjoyed to finally meet her and talk to her in person." Lara herself was said to be "excited to finally have the chance to meet some of my supporters in person". Or at least, she would have been if it wasn't for the fact that she's a fictional character and .. er .. doesn't really exist. Related Feature - Angel of Darkness screenshots

Source - press release