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Frontier Developments to design Wallace and Gromit game

Claymation wizards Aardman are teaming up with Frontier Developments to bring the ever-popular Wallace and Gromit to next generation consoles, publisher Bam! revealed today. The game will feature a mix of new characters and old favourites as Gromit seeks to put an end to Feathers McGraw's evil plans to take control of the local zoo. Along the way there are mischevious monkeys to thwart, animals to rescue and machine parts to recover as you help Wallace put together one of his bizarre Heath Robinson machines. Nick Park and his team at Aardman will apparently be working closely with Frontier on the game's storyline and script to make sure that it captures the "unique charm" of Wallace and Gromit's animated adventures. According to Nick, "video games are an exciting new medium for Aardman and we're delighted that BAM! and ourselves are working with a studio of Frontier's standing". The game is expected to appear some time next year on "all leading formats", with the PlayStation 2 version already confirmed. Related Feature - Bam! and Gromit

Source - press release