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Lost Souls find home

Akaei to publish latest Earth 2150 game in UK

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While it's been available in Germany for some time now, the latest installment in the Earth 2150 series of real-time strategy games was never released in the UK. Until now. Akaei have stepped in to publish Earth 2150 : Lost Souls in the UK, with a third quarter release on the cards. Once again there will be seperate single player campaigns for the Eurasian Dynasty, Lunar Corporation and United Civilized States, giving you different perspectives on the impending chaos. This time round it's the end of the world as we know it though, as those unfortunate enough to have been left behind on the doomed Earth fight it out for a last desperate chance to escape. Hopefully Lost Souls will prove to be more impressive than its rather lacklustre predecessor The Moon Project, but fans of the series will no doubt lap it up regardless. Related Feature - Earth 2150 : Lost Souls screenshots

Source - press release

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