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Indy racing returns

Codemasters going round in circles very fast

Codemasters have snapped up exclusive licensing rights to publish games based on the Indy Racing League, America's answer to Formula 1 for people with no sense of direction. Ferrari 360 Challenge developers Brain In A Jar will be producing the first game based on the license, with PC, PlayStation 2 and Xbox versions all planned for release next year. Indy Racing League now joins Colin McRae and TOCA Race Driver on the publisher's line-up, which is starting to look like a dream ticket for motor sports fans. "Codemasters is responsible for some of the most respected and successful console racing games ever", managing director Nick Wheelwright commented modestly. "Together with Brain in a Jar we are going to deliver a game based on the exciting IRL series which will continue our own exceptionally high standards." Hopefully the new game will manage to match the excitement of the old Indy Car games from Papyrus. Many of our older readers no doubt still have fond memories of driving the wrong way around Indianapolis at 200mph... Or was that just me?

Source - press release