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ECTS moves .. again

Last minute change for trade show

Industry criticism of last year's ECTS has been answered by organisers CMP today, with the surprise announcement that Europe's leading videogames trade show ECTS has been moved for the second time in as many years. Since last year's ECTS ended the organisers have said that this year's show would be taking place in the gorgeous air-conditioned opulence of the Excel exhibition hall in London's Docklands on September 1st to 3rd. But with just over three months left to go, the show has been moved back into central London (Earls Court to be precise) and shifted up a week to August 29th to 31st. "This is a massive evolution for the ECTS brand, but one which will strengthen the show enormously", according to event director Andy Lane. "The move to Earl's Court provides us with the perfect stage to host both consumer and trade elements of the show." Of course, two months ago they were saying the same about Excel when plans for a consumer element to the show were first unveiled. Meanwhile Sony will be opening up another part of Earl's Court to the masses during ECTS as they hold a major PlayStation show alongside the traditionally trade-only event, with some third party publishers expected to be in attendance as well. No doubt this will draw crowds, with celebrity appearances and sports activities planned as well as the chance to play the latest PS2 titles. "Sony's massive involvement will help to bring the entertainment and excitement back to ECTS", Andy added. "This event will be the biggest European promotional platform that the industry has this year and I'd like to encourage everybody to be a part of what will be a very exciting week for the industry." Whether this will be enough to reignite flagging publisher interest in ECTS remains to be seen though. Certainly publishers we spoke to prior to the venue change were less than enthusiastic, with one particularly outspoken PR rep telling us "I bloody well hope not" when we asked him whether his company would be at ECTS this year. Hardly a ringing endorsement, but hopefully these latest changes will improve matters without diluting the show too much. Related Feature - ECTS 2 : Attack Of The Fanboys

Even the official ECTS website seems to have been caught out by the unexpected change of date and venue for the show

Source - press release