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Sold Out updates line-up

This is not an E3 story, relax

Sold Out has added six more titles to its range of budget releases. For the pauperly sum of £4.99 gamers can now pick up a modern classic, a modern turkey and a few modern also-rans. Homeworld, Daikatana, Urban Chaos, Nomad Soul, Excessive Speed and Akimbo. Homeworld, released in the tail end of 1999, is a refreshing take on the real time strategy genre. Hang on, that doesn't sound right. Meanwhile, Daikatana [insert cheap joke about lengthy development, substandard release, poor sales and studio folding] and [swipe at Eidos]. The pair can be had for £4.99 apiece. Or you could go for one of the other new titles in the range. Urban Chaos is fairly good, if a little dated, and Nomad Soul is one of the few games my chum from up the road bothered to complete on his PC. Related Feature - Garry Williams of Sold Out interview

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