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SCEA drops prices

PlayStation 2 down to $199, PSone down to $49

Sending the excitable US press into a pre-E3 frenzy, Sony Computer Entertainment America has reduced the price of PlayStation 2 from $299 to $199, and PSone from $99 to $49, returning the US to the position of one of the best places to buy either console. The PlayStation 2's $199 price tag roughly translates as £137 or €219 at the time of writing, while the $49 PSone represents £33 or €54. Furthermore, Sony has reduced the price of peripherals. Both the PlayStation 2's official memory card and Dual Shock II controller have been reduced from $34.99 to $24.99, while the PSone's Dual Shock is now at $19.99. If you buy the official PSone / LCD panel bundle, it will cost $149 (down from $199). With SCEA having denied this pre-emptive price drop to the ends of the earth over the last week, speculation is now rife that Sony will announce something similar for Europe and Australia.

Source - GameSpyDaily