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Sierra unveils E3 line-up

Oh god, not another one

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Sierra is the latest publisher to reveal it's E3 line-up, spoiling any surprise that attendees of the show may have expected. Covering all of the major platforms (and the PC), Sierra modestly claim that their five headlining games "really offer a glimpse into the future of this industry". Hyperbole aside, it's not a bad line-up. Top of the pile is undoubtedly Malice, the oddball ex-Xbox exclusive from British developer Argonaut, which is also on its way to PlayStation 2 now. It looks great and features a girl with a bloody big hammer, but hopefully this year's E3 will tell us a little more about the actual gameplay. Another game being transferred to the PS2 is Tribes, the fairly popular online shooter franchise. Tribes Aerial Assault will use Sony's new network adapter to let players battle it out over the internet, with the traditional Tribes mixture of on-foot and in-vehicle action across vast outdoors levels. Meanwhile GameCube fans can look forward to The Hobbit, following Bilbo and the boys there and back again. Due out next year, Sierra are promising to "set new standards for fantasy video games" with it. PC owners can look forward to seeing Sierra's new tactical action game SWAT : Urban Justice, not to be confused with the more sci-fi tinged Xbox offering SWAT : Global Strike Team. Due out in September, Urban Justice pits players against brutal LA street gangs across sixteen missions in "stunningly realistic locations". Also on PC is NASCAR Racing 2002, the latest in the peculiarly American motor racing series which sees players trying to avoid getting dizzy while driving round and round in circles at high velocity. Related Feature - Malice heading for PS2

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