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THQ's E3 line-up

Something for everybody

THQ has saddled a horse and ridden G1 Jockey style over our hearts with its E3 line-up announcement. Of course, in reality it hasn't, but we're running out of stupid metaphors, puns and analogies and the bloody thing hasn't even started yet. We're reaching; let's leave it at that. Anyway, the games. Leading the way are fast-paced aerial combat game Yager (PC, Xbox), the follow-up to the rather tedious Summoner (PS2), a martial arts fighter called Pride FC (PS2), the once-conflictingly-named-now-stupidly-named Moto GP: Ultimate Racing Technology (PC, Xbox), bike whatsit MX Superfly (PS2, Cube) and first person shooter sequel Red Faction 2 (PS2), which might save the day. Not to mention the usual slew of WWF WWE titles for every format under the sun, and another string of licensed titles from Nickelodeon and Matchbox. THQ is also promising to announce a few more strategic partnerships at the show. Related Feature - Get the F out!

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