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Eidos a take-over target again?

Ubi Soft latest company reported to be chasing Lara

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Eidos has once again become a take-over target, with Ubi Soft the latest company to be linked to the British publisher. In an interview with French business paper Les Echos, Ubi Soft chairman Yves Guillemot confirmed that "we are certainly going to grow by acquisitions this year", going on to say that "Eidos could be a target for us". The French company, until recently best known for their Rayman series, has grown rapidly over the last couple of years, snapping up Rainbow Six developers Red Storm, the remnants of Mattel Interactive, and German publisher Blue Byte along the way. Whether Eidos will be the latest name to join Ubi Soft's lengthy acquisitions list remains to be seen though. Despite Yves Guillemot's belief that Eidos will be bought out this year, whether or not his own company has anything to do with it, they aren't likely to give up without a struggle. Eidos turned down a substantial offer from Infogrames two years ago, and although their recent sales have been disappointing, with Championship Manager 4 due out later this year and Lara Croft arriving on PlayStation 2 for the first time in November, the publisher is presumably feeling fairly optimistic about its immediate future.

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