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Rage Mobilises for release

Mobile Forces goes gold

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Rage announced this weekend that their online-focused action game Mobile Forces has gone gold, and will be going into full production in the next few days. As a result the game is now expected to hit shelves across Europe on Friday May 31st, with a recommended UK price of just £24.99. While it's certainly not the best looking online shooter due out this year, the pre-release versions we've been playing with for the last couple of months certainly showed promise in the gameplay department, as you might expect from a development team that includes veterans of Grand Theft Auto and Wild Metal Country. With any luck we'll have final review code for the game soon and be able to tell you whether it lives up to its promise, but in the meantime we'll be posting more exclusive screenshots snapped from the latest beta version, so keep an eye on our Mobile Forces gallery. Related Feature - Mobile Forces preview

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