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Konami taking the Mickey

"Could we put him in more of a hip-hop context?"

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Hot on the heels of Metal Gear Solid Substance and ZOE 2, Konami's latest big announcement is .. er .. Disney All-Star Sports. Coming exclusively to GameCube and GameBoy Advance this autumn (see, Konami do love you), the game will feature six sports ranging from football (both American and the real kind) to snowboarding and skateboarding. As the title suggests, the twist is that the action centers around popular Disney characters such as Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy, but with "a hip new attitude" being promised for these staples of childhood entertainment. Rumours that they are being 10% Rasta-fied have yet to be confirmed. "Disney's all-star cast of beloved characters combined with arcade-style sports games will yield incredible success for this new series", Konami of America president Tomofumi Gotsubo declared. Either that or you'll get lynched for turning Mickey Mouse into a skate punk... Related Feature - Metal Gear and ZOE return

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