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Outcast Jedi map released as demo

Dumped map gets new lease of life

Raven have finally released a demo version of their hit first person shooter Jedi Outcast, featuring an exclusive new single player map which was shown at E3 last year but later cut from the retail version of the game. The revamped map comes with an intro movie to get you in the mood, five of the game's rather feeble firearms, the all-important lightsaber (any self-respecting Jedi's weapon of choice), and a selection of force powers to unleash on unwitting (or simply witless) Stormtroopers. Weighing in at around 65Mb, you can download it from any of the following sites -

download from blueyonder (UK)

download from BonusWeb (CZ)

download from FilePlanet (US)

download from Gigex (US)

Those of you who already have the full retail version of Jedi Outcast and don't want to waste time downloading 60Mb of tat you already have can also grab the map and associated files as a seperate 6Mb file, which is currently available from Blue's News. Related Feature - Jedi Outcast review