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Games Stars In Their Eyes

ITV planning videogames show

Granada are planning to produce a major new videogames show for ITV, labouring under the working title of Games Stars. Expected to screen on a Saturday evening some time in November, the project is being supported by industry magazine MCV (from whence came the first details of the show this week), with additional backing reportedly coming from the likes of Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft. A "major retail chain" (that'll be GAME / Electronics Boutique then) will promote nominated games, while Future Publishing (surprise surprise) provides the official magazine. Granada licensing director Martin Lowed modestly describes it as "the biggest event the games industry has ever seen", while MCV compare the show to Pop Idol and the Brit Awards. We're cringing already. "The games industry has always wanted its own entertainment event to sit alongside the music industry's Brits, and that's what we very much intend to deliver", Martin added. Unfortunately this means that we will be enforced to endure self-proclaimed comedians Ant & Dec presenting the show, with an all-star cast of bland chart topping musicians inexplicably being roped in to play during the event. Presumably because actually showing the games and gamers being honoured by the awards would be a bit boring. Kylie, Travis and Gorillaz are all apparently on the short list for inclusion, showing just what an edgy zeitgeisty synergistic youth entertainment landmark event this is going to be. Or not, as the case may be.

Source - MCV