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Konami's E3 line-up

Including Winning Eleven, Silent Hill 3, Suikoden III, Contra and Castlevania

Konami has confirmed its E3 line-up for 2002 as part of its Japanese financial report, as detailed by Swedish website Gon.nu yesterday. Having spoken to Konami this morning, we can confirm the following. Footy detractors skip the next three paragraphs. PlayStation 2 owners can breathe a sigh of relief. Pro Evolution Soccer is still a PS2 exclusive. Winning Eleven 6 will be on show at E3, and, having played the thing more or less non-stop for the last two days, we can say it's looking very nice indeed. Hopefully some of the game's niggles (lack of back pass rule, players not running towards passes and dodgy offsides) will be tweaked out of the equation in the transition between WE6 and Pro Evo 2, which we expect to see this October in Europe. A GameBoy Advance version of Winning Eleven will also be on display, and having sampled this also we can say it looks very much like the GameBoy Color ISS games. It is not known whether the game will be exported to Europe, but it sounds likely. Cube fans hoping to receive Winning Eleven 6 will actually be disappointed. Although the report indicated a Cube version of WE was planned, it is not the same game as Pro Evolution Soccer. In fact, this is a strategic rebranding of ISS2 to encourage interest. Other PlayStation 2 titles include Suikoden III (announced yesterday), Silent Hill 3 (about which virtually nothing is known except the developer, KCET), Tokimeki Memorial: Girl's Side (a popular Japanese franchise, staying where it is before you ask) and New Contra (also appearing on GameBoy Advance and GameCube). GameBoy Advance owners can also look forward to a new Castlevania title at this year's show. Castlevania: White Night Concerto (known as Dissonance of Harmony outside of Japan), will be on display for the first time. Related Feature - Metal Gear and ZOE return

Source - Gon.nu (thanks Jesper)