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Cravings for E3

Crave Entertainment's E3 line-up revealed (popular theme)

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Crave Entertainment has previewed its line-up for E3 2002, highlighting a number of exciting prospects. After its last title met with critical acclaim, Crave is now planning to expand the Ultimate Fighting Championship line of games with UFC: Throwdown for GameCube and PlayStation 2, due out shortly after E3 in June. The Lost is a survival horror game with an RPG-lite skills system, which will take players through modern day adaptations of Dante's nine circles of Hell. The Lost is a game for PlayStation 2 and Xbox due out in Q4 2002. The other big title is Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter, a game combining first-person action sections and space combat. Although the game sounds distinctly like a poorly contrived Jango Fett spin-off, it has nothing to do with Star Wars, and is pencilled in for a Q4 2002 release date on Xbox, GameCube, PlayStation 2 and PC. Completing the line-up are Whirl Tour and H2Overdrive. Whirl Tour is an extreme sports adventure puzzler (honestly) where someone kidnaps six members of a rock band and you presumably have to get them back. Sounds great. Cube and PlayStation 2 in Q4 2002. H2Overdrive, on the other hand, is an extremely bad pun, which we have to applaud given we're in the same business, and focuses on speedboat racing. It is to appear on PlayStation 2 in Q3 2002.

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