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Sega allies with ESPN

Sega Sports 2K3 series gain some instant recognition in the American marketplace

In a move which means precisely nothing to us, Sega has signed an exclusive, multiyear partnership deal with American sports brand ESPN. This comes barely a fortnight after the American sports network allegedly dismantled a deal with Konami because the ESPN branded games they produced were failing to chart. Acclaim Entertainment also produced games under the ESPN banner at one stage, and no longer does for similar reasons. Echoing EA's mission statement somewhat, Sega of America President and COO Peter Moore explained that "Gamers told us they want to feel as if they're playing a broadcast game. They want to feel like they're in control of a live game." The Sega Sports 2K3 series of games forms a major part of Sega's multi-platform strategy.

Source - SiliconValley.com