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Capcom confirms dates for Resi, Onimusha 2

And Dino Stalker, but that's less exciting

Capcom Eurosoft, to give the company its proper name, has updated its release schedule to reflect the impending release of three big titles later this year. For Europe, unless the Eurosoft bit wasn't clue enough. First up is Dino Stalker, which supports the G-Con 2 and plots the course of a downed pilot on a peculiar Atlantic island packed with dinosaurs. That's now due out on PlayStation 2 on 6th September. Meanwhile, the highly anticipated GameCube edition of Resident Evil, realised with pant-browning audacity if you ask us, is now due out on 13th September. That's more than four months away. Sorry. Looking slightly further ahead, the PAL conversion of Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny on PlayStation 2 (the well known figurehead of the 'survival control/camera system' genre), is now due out on 4th October. We've heard lots of good things about Onimusha 2, and we hope that like Resident Evil on the Cube, the realisation of the rest of the game will offset the recycled features of the previous incarnation. Only time, and our solvency-defying penchant for expensive imports, can tell us otherwise.