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Indy to explore Emperor's Tomb

New Indiana Jones game confirmed

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Back in January LucasArts revealed that The Collective were working on a new Indiana Jones game for them, and today the first solid details have emerged. Indiana Jones And The Emperor's Tomb will take the world's most famous archaeologist to the Far East as he finds himself battling the Black Dragon Triad and a German mercenary to be first to reach the Heart Of The Dragon, a black pearl that is said to give telepathic powers to its owner. Naturally this is easier said than done, and first Indy must recover the key to unlock the crypt, which has inconveniently been split into three parts and scattered around the region. Cue ten levels of Triad-bashing action as you find yourself fighting aboard gondolas, exploring an underwater palace in Istanbul and engaging in a rickshaw chase through 1930's Hong Kong. "Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb faithfully recreates all the heroism, action and edge-of-the-seat adventure of the blockbuster film series thanks to a state-of-the-art game engine, a rich story, and compelling gameplay", according to LucasArts' Tom Byron. Part of this back to basics approach is a return to the down and dirty no-holds-barred fighting seen in the original movies, with Indy able to use everything from chairs and table legs to shovels as weapons in brutal hand-to-hand combat, as well as employing his trademark whip and pistol. LucasArts are promising "a more immersive and Indy-like gameplay experience", and it certainly sounds promising. Indiana Jones will be swinging his way on to the PC, PS2 and Xbox this autumn. We're already brushing off our fedoras in anticipation. Related Feature - Indiana Jones returns

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