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Sid Meier Plays The World

Civilization III expansion pack takes the game online

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Infogrames will be unveiling a new Civilization III expansion pack at the E3 trade show in Los Angeles later this month. Subtitled Play The World, the pack will add eight new civilizations, new leaders, new terrain sets and map features, interface and control tweaks, and (most importantly) full multiplayer support. A choice of turn-based, simultaneous and (for the first time in the series) real-time gameplay will be on offer for those playing over a LAN or the internet, with game modes varying from capture the flag to traditional Civilization world conquering fare. Play by e-mail and hotseat support will also be included for a more sedate multiplayer gaming experience. "[Our fans] love Civ III and they are telling us they want more - more interesting civilizations to play, the ability to play with their friends, and a chance to create their own unique Civilization worlds", according to Sid Meier. "We've listened and we're giving them all of that, plus much more." There's no word yet on when the expansion pack will be released, but no doubt all will become clear in the wake of E3. Related Feature - Civilization III screenshots

Source - press release

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