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Cube tops 75k in two days

UK sales record

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Nintendo has announced "a flying start" to the young GameCube's life in the UK. The diminutive console, launched on 3rd May this year, sold 75,000 units in two days according to Nintendo UK general manager Andy Williams, perhaps vindicating the platform holder's decision to implement a £129.99 price point. However, our sources within the industry have cast doubt over the figure, pointing out that the industry standard ChartTrack figures contest the claim. The Cube is completely sold out up and down the land. To put Nintendo's claim into perspective, the PlayStation 2 sold just over 40,000 units in its first week on sale in the UK, although supplies were restricted. It will be interesting to compare the console's first month sales to those of the Cube this time in June. Although no official figures are available at the time of writing, Microsoft's Xbox is not thought to have sold anywhere near 75,000 units during March, nor in the tail end of April when it underwent a price reduction. Related Feature - Europe Cubed

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