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Rage Mobilise new demo

Updated Mobile Forces demo due tomorrow

Rage have revealed that they will be releasing a new updated version of the demo for their first-person-shooter-with-vehicles Mobile Forces. Due out tomorrow afternoon at 5pm GMT, it will once again feature the Holdout gameplay mode and the wild west themed map seen in the original demo, but will enjoy a number of tweaks and tucks to both the gameplay and game engine. Weapons have been rebalanced, character models and skins improved, physics revised, particle effects added for damaged vehicles, and a proper dedicated server option added. The underlying network code has also been updated to give everybody a smoother ride, and stability and performance have apparently been improved as well. Germans will no doubt be ecstatic to hear that they can look forward to shooting black blooded robots in their version of the game in a bid to avoid listing, but on a more Euro-friendly note, the new demo will sport French, German, Italian and Spanish text, while the American version of the demo will include Brazilian Portugese. The updated demo will weigh in at around 75Mb, and should be available from the Mobile Forces website and all your favourite download sites tomorrow. Related Feature - Mobile Forces interview

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