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Divine Demo

Try before you buy, if you have a phat pipe

Belgian developers Larian Studios have released a demo version of their promising looking role-playing game Divine Divinity, which we previewed last week. Due for release later in the summer, the oddly titled game should offer a nice half-way house between the all-out action of Diablo and the more plot-driven antics of Baldur's Gate. The good news for role-players looking for something to fill the void until Morrowind's European release is that the demo features the first 5% of the game, equating to an estimated ten hours of gameplay. Which is more than can be said for many of the full retail products we've seen recently. The bad news is that the download size is just over 400Mb, so unless you have a lot of time and bandwidth to spare you'll have to wait for it to appear on a magazine cover disc. The rotund of connectivity can grab the file from any of the following sites though -

download from 4Players (DE)

download from Bonus Web (CZ)

download from (IT)

download from De Spelletjesgarnaal (BE)

If you have any problems installing the demo, a small (2Mb) patch can be downloaded from Larian's website. Related Feature - Divine Divinity preview

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