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Cube goodies leaked

Retail pamphlet reveals new games

IGN has obtained photographs - believed to be genuine - of a leaked point-of-sale GameCube pamphlet highlighting a number of previously unheard of software titles, and updating gamers on the status of others. Images include a couple of fairly ambiguous pictures of Link, sporting a stern look, in the colourful new Zelda game, confirmation of 1080: White Storm, originally thought to have been cancelled, and a previously unannounced game, Wario World. Also from the pamphlet, IGN has learned that Star Wars Bounty Hunter will appear on the GameCube as well as the PlayStation 2 (Xbox confirmation is pending), along with Star Wars Clone Wars, and that the new Memory Card 251 will be coloured black. Or at least, the pamphlet seems to indicate as much. Although it all certainly looks genuine, we expect to have this news officially confirmed by Nintendo during E3 later this month. Related Feature - Europe Cubed

Source - IGN