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Super Monkey Ball 2 in development

Sega-incubated simian party title returns to the GameCube

Having sampled first hand the simian delights of GameCube launch title Super Monkey Ball, your humble correspondent was pleased, but not altogether surprised to read that development of a sequel is now underway at developer Amusement Vision. GameSpot reports that the four characters who made up the cast of the original game - an enhanced version of the Monkey Ball arcade game - will return for the sequel, and that a number of extra modes have been added in addition to the main game mode, one of which is said to be a story mode spread across ten themed worlds. Other additions are said to include six new party games; monkey boat race, shot, dogfight, tennis, baseball and soccer (of which screenshots have already emerged), and returnees monkey race, target, billiards, bowling and golf will also receive updates. For instance, monkey target - a Pilotwings derivative - will be expanded to include formation flying, and monkey golf will receive a complete going over, with a new course of 18 holes. The report concludes with the news that the (presumably Japanese) release date is set for later this year on GameCube. More information is expected from American publisher Sega at E3 later this month.

Source - GameSpot