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GTA Vice City confirmed

Sony's blunder, Rockstar annoyed

GTA Vice City, sometimes referred to as GTA3: Miami, is happening on PlayStation 2. On Friday, Sony issued a press release through its website confirming the forthcoming release of a number of big titles over the coming year, and much to the mortification of Rockstar Games, GTA Vice City was among the titles listed. If you check the press release now, of course, you will find no trace of it. The American website that picked up on the release - Gaming Horizon - didn't store a local copy of the release, but did quote the offending chunk, which we have reprinted below. "More than 30 first party games titles and over 200 third party games for PlayStation 2 are scheduled for release in the coming year. These include The Getaway, Primal, WRC 2002, Ratchet and Clank and This Is Football 2003 from SCEE and Virtua Fighter 4, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy X, Harry Potter, Timesplitters 2, Superman; Shadow of Apokolips, TOCA Race Driver, Medal of Honor Front Line, Onimusha 2, GTA Vice City, Red Faction 2, Tribes 2, Tony Hawk 4 and Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness, all from third party publishers." Both Rockstar and Sony are keeping schtum, but we understand the former is more than a little annoyed with the latter. GTA Vice City is expected to be among the games announced by Rockstar at E3 next month, and will take place in a fictional interpretation of Miami, as fans of the original Grand Theft Auto will no doubt have guessed. Watch out for it. Related Feature - Grand Theft Auto III review

Source - Gaming Horizon