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Pocket Pinball

GBA gets first pinball game

British developer Rebellion, best known for their Aliens vs Predator games on the PC and Atari Jaguar, have unveiled their latest project - Pinball Advance. As the name suggests, it's a pinball game for the GameBoy Advance, featuring three pre-rendered tables for you to knock your balls around on, each with six difficulty levels and its own unique set of game modes for one or multiple balls. Fellow arachophobes will be glad to hear the game includes a Tarantula table which "will allow budding pinball wizards to venture into the spider's lair and..." No, stop right there. I've heard enough already. There's also a Jailbreak table, and a Daredevil machine where you must "take your chances with the Wheel of Death and Loop of Fire". Throw in hundreds of pinball sound effects and a voluminous soundtrack, and pinball fans who just can't wait to get to the pub before slamming some balls around should be in for a treat. Expect to see Pinball Advance appearing on shelves come June, courtesy of Digital Worldwide. Related Feature - Pinball Advance screenshots

Source - press release