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Cossacks go Back To War

Second expansion pack confirmed for RTS

A few months ago we discovered during an interview with GSC Game World's Sergiy Grygorovych that the company's best selling real-time strategy game Cossacks would be getting a second expansion pack at some point. After a long wait, the add-on has today been officially announced. As we exclusively revealed at the end of last year, Cossacks : Back To War will feature a staggering one hundred new single player missions for fans of the series to wade their way through. Other additions include two new nations (Switzerland and Hungary), four exclusive units for each of them, and a new unit (camel mounted Bedouins) for Turkey and Algeria. Up to eight thousands of these soldiers can now fight it out across huge maps that make your average real-time strategy battle look like a game of Pacman by comparison. The pack is due for release in France and Germany at least some time later this year, but other details are thin on the ground at this stage. Expect to hear more over the coming months though. Related Feature - GSC Game World interview

Source - Cossacks official website