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Go Go Beckham!

Man Utd star becomes exotic dancer (just kidding)

Having licensed the rights to develop and publish games featuring Manchester United's star player David Beckham at great expense, Rage are apparently not content with simply pumping out straightforward football games. Witness the bizarrely titled Go Go Beckham : Adventure On Soccer Island, a newly announced GameBoy Advance adventure game starring a cartoon character who doesn't look entirely dislike the famous footballer. The game sees David taking on the evil Mr Woe, who has placed a terrible spell on the inhabitants of Soccer Island and unleashed his minions on them. To add insult to injury, he's even stolen all their balls. Now it's up to Mr Beckham to recover the missing balls using a range of "special soccer moves" as he dribbles, kicks, bends and heads his own ball through the game's colourful levels. Fairly obviously it's aimed at a younger market, but it does look suitably off-the-wall and comes from Denki Ltd, the Scottish developer behind Rage's award-winning puzzle game Denki Blocks. Expect to see David saving our balls some time in August. Related Feature - Go Go Beckham screenshots

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