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Eidos 'splits Xbox and GameCube

TimeSplitters sequel on its way to other consoles

The original TimeSplitters was one of the better titles amongst the lacklustre PlayStation 2 launch line-up, and so it was no great surprise when a sequel to the game was announced last summer. With work on TimeSplitters 2 now well underway at Free Radical, Eidos today confirmed that Xbox and GameCube versions of the game are also in development and due for release this autumn. Once again players will be going up against the evil TimeSplitters as they battle their way down history, with a more involving single player mode and stronger storyline being promised this time round, as well as enhanced graphics and animations, and improvements to the much vaunted level editor. "At Free Radical, we are passionate about console gaming", Free Radical MD David Doak explained. "It's only natural that TimeSplitters 2 will be appearing on all three next generation consoles." Related Feature - TimeSplitters 2 screenshots - Xbox / GameCube

TimeSplitters 2 on the Xbox - how's that for an offer you can't refuse?

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