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Mario's PlayStation coke habit

It's a mad, mad world

No, Nintendo's flagship character hasn't been caught with white powder on his moustache and a Dual Shock in his grubby hands. Instead the Mario in question is a divorced man from Milan who has been accused by his ex-wife of giving their five year old son cocaine, apparently in a misguided effort to improve his performance on the PlayStation. According to a story on Ananova the unfortunate kid was found with white powder in his hair, which turned out to be a cocaine derivative, resulting in his father being charged with drugs possession. "My son used to come back from his father's very nervous and unable to sleep", the mother is reported as saying. "He said his father would give him white powder to play better with his PlayStation." If the story turns out to be true, all we can say is that there are some really sick people out there... Related Feature - Sony sued by suicide mum

Source - Ananova (thanks David Ellis)