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NVIDIA supports PCI Express

Improved performance for one and all, but not just yet

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Graphics gurus at NVIDIA are working with the Arapahoe Work Group to help develop the graphics bandwidth capabilities of PCI Express, the company announced today. PCI Express is Intel's third-generation I/O specification, which should provide increased bandwidth between CPU and GPU, and thus improved performance. "The GPU has the largest bandwidth appetite of all PC subsystems," said Dan Vivoli, Vice President of Marketing at NVIDIA. "We are excited to help shape this next-generation specification to ensure that our GPUs get the necessary throughput required to push the visual envelope," he added. The key to PCI Express is its Low Voltage Differential Signal (LVOS), which enables the balanced distribution of bandwidth to those applications that require it the most. Products based on PCI Express are expected to appear in the second half of 2003. More (technical) information is available Intel's developer site. Related Feature - GeForce 4 Titanium 4600 review

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