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R-Type III

Classic shooter sequel coming to GBA

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Rapidly growing Korean publisher Phantagram has unveiled the line-up of games that it will be demonstrating at next month's E3 trade show in the US. Although we already knew about most of their titles, there was one slight surprise in the list - R-Type III. Apparently Phantagram have secured the publishing rights for an all-new GBA sequel to the classic side-scrolling shooter series. Hopefully we'll have more details on that in the next few weeks, along with all the latest on their wide range of PC and console titles - Duality, Strident, Phantom Crash, Shining Lore, Kingdom Under Fire 2 and .. er .. an as-yet untitled restaurant management sim. If you'd seen the unsanitary state of my kitchen, you would know that putting me in charge of a restaurant is a recipe for disaster... Related Feature - Shining Lore preview

Source - press release

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