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JoWooD targets Nordic region

Publisher approaches distributors in the area and appoints PR Manager

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JoWooD Productions Software AG is targeting the Nordic region of Europe, and has begun negotiations with local distributors in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland, the company announced this morning. "The Nordic region is important to our continued expansion strategy," says Wilhelm Hamrozi, COO JoWooD Productions. "On a European level the region is amongst the four largest markets in Europe concerning PC titles, and the seventh largest market concerning console games. To us the region is very important and we will shortly be announcing our choice of Nordic distributors." Newly appointed Nordic PR Manager for JoWooD, Hans F. O. Ginderskov, commented: "Journalists are in for a real treat with products such as Cultures 2 - The Gates of Asgard, Industry Giant 2, Hotel Giant and many others. The company has been through a substantial growth during the past year, and I am confident JoWooD will become successful in the region."

Source - press release

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