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Killer Instinct 3 not in development

Rare actually speaks out about this one

Rare isn't working on Killer Instinct 3, IGN is reporting. According to an official spokesperson for the company, an array of issues need to be resolved before anything concrete can be attempted. "In addition to holding back further development until we feel we can really bring something new and worthwhile to the genre, one of the main reasons that there haven't been any recent additions to the series is that all of the key people who were involved in the creation of Killer Instinct have been working on different projects," the spokesperson explains. "There's also the matter of knowing which way to take the franchise: some people prefer one instalment to the other, some champion 2D while others insist that only 3D will sell nowadays, etc. It wouldn't be a straightforward undertaking in any sense of the word: opinion is doomed to be split on the final decision." Killer Instinct 3 may yet be on the cards, but press-shy Rare are unlikely to announce it any time soon, even if development does begin. In other words, E3 is unlikely to herald an announcement, let alone screenshots or footage of the game in action. Rare has yet to confirm or deny its rumoured multi-platform agenda. Related Feature - Activision deal far from final

Source - IGN