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Three more for PSone

SCEA anxious to be seen supporting its ailing hardware

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony Computer Entertainment America plans to release three new PSone games before the end of July, confirming, it says, its continued support for the platform. The games to be released are Disney's Lilo and Stitch, Stuart Little 2 and the slightly more interesting c-12: Final Resistance, currently undergoing work at SCEE Cambridge. Releases dates for the European versions of the software were not discussed, but there seems little reason to suspect they will be delayed. Indeed, we fully expect to get our hands on c-12: Final Resistance in the same sort of time frame as our counterparts overseas. Update - As a number of you have already spotted, c-12 came out last year in Europe to a mixed reception. Unfortunately, due to a combination of the game being published by SCEE, late night-early morning grey matter failure and caffeine deficiency, your humble correspondent forgot all about it. Now, where's that Red Bull dispenser...

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