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3DO axes Heroes

New World Computing staff face the chop

One of 3DO's leading development studios has apparently been decimated by the publisher. Despite strong sales of their latest release, Heroes Of Might & Magic IV, New World Computing lost more than half of their staff last week. According to a report on fan site Celestial Heavens, those departing included general manager Jeff Blattner, Heroes IV assistant designer Jennifer Bullard, several other senior staff, and a large number of artists and level designers. Most of the team behind the recently released Might & Magic IX were also apparently laid off, which perhaps isn't a bad thing given the awfully tacky looking artwork that graces the game. Despite the drastic cutbacks, New World are still planning to develop an expansion pack for Heroes IV (quelle surprise), with another full sequel also on the horizon in the long term. Related Feature - Heroes IV screenshots

Source - Celestial Heavens