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Konami Shadows PC and Xbox

PS2 adventure game goes cross-platform

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Konami have announced that their new European R&D team is working on PC and Xbox ports of the PlayStation 2 adventure game Shadow Of Memories. Both versions are due out in September and will offer enhanced graphics, as demonstrated by a batch of early screenshots that came with the press release. For those of you who (like us) missed the original release of Shadow Of Memories, the game follows a man called Eike as he seeks to avert his murder by travelling back in time to the middle ages, 1902 and 1980. Depending on your actions in each time period, future events may play out differently, and the game has no less than four different endings. "Shadow of Memories has been the perfect start for us and we expect the title to go down well", the development team's manager Tony Bickley enthused. "We're currently investigating a wide selection of projects, across both traditional gaming platforms and new areas of business. It's an exciting time for the studio." Related Features - Shadow Of Memories screenshots

Shadow Of Memories, as it will look on the PC and Xbox. Now 10% fluffier.

Source - press release

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