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Cryo games defrosted

Mindscape to bring Cryo's PC games to the UK

Mindscape's latest publishing deal will see the company distributing Cryo's PC titles in the UK for the remainder of 2002. Cryo abandoned the UK market a year ago, and apparently Acclaim haven't had much more luck distributing their games over here since then either. Now Mindscape will be trying their luck with no less than 15 titles due for release over the next eight months, including everything from Zidane Football Generation to adventure games like The Secret Of The Nautilus and kids' titles based on the Pink Panther and Garfield. "The Cryo products bring a great focus to our 2002 games line-up", according to Mindscape president Jean-Pierre Nordman. "We are delighted to be working with such a respected publisher with an impressive portfolio of titles. As an international publisher with over 10 years experience in the games industry we have a strong sales team, great knowledge of the local market and a solid relationship with the trade. We will be working closely with the team at Cryo to make sure these titles are a great success." Hopefully the games they get from them will be more impressive than the ones which Acclaim had the misfortune to end up publishing for Cryo, most of which were seriously flawed or downright abysmal. Terrifying memories of playing Dune and Shadow Of Zorro still give us nightmares... Related Feature - Cryo abandons UK market

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