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The Last Days of Dreamcast

Sniff, it won't be the same without you old chum

It's been over a year since Sega's dramatic exit from the console business, but finally, after 12 months of waving its legs in the air and refusing to die, the Dreamcast really is about to die. Considered dead by virtually everybody anyway, the format has only five more titles to look forward to. Capcom's Heavy Metal Geomatrix and Cannon Spike, and Ubi Soft's Conflict Zone, Free Style Scooter and Evil Twin mark the closure of the Dreamcast annals, and all five games are now due out on 26th April. Reports from the States indicate that Capcom's Cannon Spike is definitely worth looking forward to, and that Heavy Metal Geomatrix isn't all that bad either, although it has been described by a number of reviewers as "annoying". Unfortunately, critically, Conflict Zone has fared less well and Evil Twin was never all that great anyway. The wildcard is Free Style Scooter, but we have a sneaking suspicion that this will also prove a bitter swansong for the console. We hope you will join us respectfully for a minute's silence at 11am on the morning of 26th April.